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Hello, friends!

Welcome to Homemade Baby!

As a mommy, wearing many "hats" throughout the day, I needed a convenient yet nutritious way to feed my babies and my family. I was determined to cook baby food that accomplished my goals: easy meal planning, short cooking times, and high nutritional value. When I decided to begin my baby food cooking journey, I dedicated an entire handwritten journal to my fresh, exciting expedition. The Homemade Baby: Food Introduction Guidebook is the end product of all my heartfelt notes and experiences.

By simplifying my "mommy duties", I was able to prioritize life's great and small joys. I hope that this book gives you the knowledge and confidence to do the same and feed your baby homemade, nutritious meals while balancing life and taking full advantage of that short-lived, precious "baby stage". I can only hope this homemade book works well for your family, just as it did for mine. 

To all of you who are about to embark on this joyous culinary adventure, I say, "Bon appetite little ones!"

XO (abrazos y besos),



Homemade Baby, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is determined to improve the health of young children by offering families education on baby food preparation, guidance, and supplies. Our primary focus is to produce optimal education and products as tools for families, enabling them to cook homemade meals for their little ones.

Our passion for public health has driven these efforts to help decrease illnesses by advocating for evidence-based preventative care strategies. Our mission is to foster and encourage healthy practices with a vast array of information and support by educating families on delicious, healthy, and nutritious infant feeding recommendations. We are committed to helping society through educational enrichment by providing families with the education and resources they need to successfully feed their young children homemade meals.

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