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5 - 6

(ages: 10 - 11 months)

At this point, let’s admit it - you’re a pro!


Your baby may be eating three solid food meals a day, and will possibly enjoy thicker purees and/or finely chopped foods. It is likely that your baby will begin exploring eating with their fingers or the use of a spoon. It is also probable that your baby may find interest in family-prepared meals. This is wonderful news!

You might want to start using the following meal plans as a reference to unite the world of baby food with home-cooked family meals. For example, for breakfast, you can spread avocado and banana onto soft toast, use a strawberry and yogurt combination as a topper for pancakes, or mix pumpkin and apple into your waffle batter. The possibilities are delicious and endless!

Congratulations! By providing your baby nutritious meals and an array of food combinations, you have sparked their little taste buds while giving them one of the best gifts of life.
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