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Oatmeal Waffles: A Tasty Breakfast Delight For Your the Entire Family

Babies are the most special and beautiful gift or blessing to their parents. They are the most precious and vulnerable being too. That is why whether it's about preparing delicious baby food or choosing the proper nutritious food ingredients for the toddler it always should be a matter of consideration for the parents. At the age of 6 to 7 months, when the baby first starts to eat solid food, it's important to incorporate some nutritious cereal into their diet as it's the time of their brain development and overall growth as well. However today in this blog we will comprehend how to prepare perfect and delicious oatmeal waffles for your cute loving babies. These healthy waffles are truly gonna delight the mood and tummy of your kid with their amazing crunchy- fluffy texture and sweet fruity flavor that will let them fall in love with food.

Oatmeal For Babies:
If you are wondering whether oatmeal is a good food preference for babies or not, then let me inform you that whether it is about nutritional value, taste, or versatility, this cereal is a perfect ingredient for your lovely toddler's health and taste buds as well.
● Oatmeal is a good source of carbohydrates, fat, and proteins, so it makes your baby more energetic and also promotes their muscle growth.
● This cereal also encompasses some amazing minerals like zinc, magnesium, and iron, which are important for your baby's overall development.
● Oatmeal is a dense source of fiber. It has a great digestive property and it also acts as a natural laxative for babies.

Ingredients (to fill a loaf pan):

3 cups of milk (any preference)

3 cups of oats (any except instant)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla extract

Preparation Method:

1. Mix all ingredients and cook oatmeal on low-medium heat until oats are tender

(about 15 minutes).

2. Pour cooked oatmeal into a loaf pan.

3. Refrigerate overnight.

4. Extract cooled oats from the loaf pan and lay on a plate.

5. Slice a piece of cooked oats and press into sprayed your waffle maker.

6. Add desired toppings and enjoy!

Tips For Making Best Oatmeal Waffles For Babies:
For making the oatmeal waffles more perfect and kid-friendly, you can follow the following tips:
● It is crucial to spray an adequate amount of cooking oil on the waffle iron before placing each oatmeal slice on it.
● To make the oat waffles more attractive to your baby, you can cut the slices into different cute shapes using a cookie cutter.
● While refrigerating the cooked oatmeal, it is important to cover it to retain or lock the moisturizer in it.

Hope you like the article and do not forget to prepare these delicious oatmeal waffles for your lovely baby. You can always be creative with the recipe and give a special personal touch to it.


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