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Prepare fresh, homemade foods your baby will love and store them in a reusable silicone food tray designed to support your busy lifestyle.


When your baby is finally ready to move from milk to their first solid foods it can be exciting. But relying on the grocery store to provide healthy, natural options it’s always easy or affordable. That’s why we want to help you do-it-yourself with a Homemade Baby Silicone Food Tray that lets you prepare, store, and service healthy, nutrient-rich portions that support their growing bodies. Be ready to help your baby explore new flavors and textures while creating healthy, life-long eating habits starting today.


We’re On a Mission to Make a Difference


Homemade Baby is a non-profit organization focused on helping families improve the health of young children in the own home and around the world through guidance, education, and proper supplies. In fact, we donate a percentage of every purchase to help families feed growing babies and toddlers.


Product Details:

  • Multipurpose Baby Food Tray with Leakproof Lid
  • 100% Food-Grade Safe Silicone
  • 24 Individual Cubes ( approximately 1-oz. Portions)
  • Flexible, Non-Stick Design
  • Heat Resistant (-40°F to 446°F)
  • Microwave and Freezer Safe
  • BPA Free and Non-Toxic Materials
  • Overall Dimensions: 8.5” x 5” x 1.25”
  • Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean
  • Item weight: 10.8 oz
  • Package Dimensions: 9.06 x 5.39 x 1.54 inches


Get this premium Homemade Baby silicone freezer tray with leak-resistant lid and take a proactive approach to helping your baby learn, grow, and experience new foods along the way.

Silicone Cube Freezer Tray with Lid

Color: White
    • Multipurpose Baby Food Tray – A great meal prep option for moms and dads looking to move babies to purees, finger snacks, and healthier natural foods this baby food ice tray is the perfect way to create and store new meal options for kids.
    • Flexible, Food-Grade Safe Silicone – Our baby food trays for freezing or heating up snacks is made with 100% BPA-free silicone which makes it safer for your family, super flexible, and completely safe for the microwave or the freezer.
    • Prepare Healthy Meals in Advance – Getting to the grocery store for baby food isn’t always easy but using our baby food ice trays to help prepare and store food in the fridge can help you ensure healthier food options and easier learning transitions.
    • Leak-Resistant Snap-On Lid – Each silicone ice cube tray also comes with a flexible, heavy-duty lid that helps keep liquids or foods from leaking out when it’s being stored. Both pieces are also heat and cold resistant from 40°F to 446°F.
    • Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean – Busy parents already have enough on their plates without worrying about extra dishes. Our Homemade Baby silicone ice cube trays with lid can put in the top rack of your dishwasher to save you time and effort.
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