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The main concept of this book is to use traditional ingredients in countless meal variations while accommodating the lifestyles of modern families.

The techniques adopted in this book are geared away from the concept of traditional recipes where foods are cooked together. Instead, the book focuses on an alternative: where foods are cooked individually and later blended into various meal combinations. Large-quantity recipes can render plentiful amounts of the same taste, texture, and nutritional value for young, first-time eaters. Cooking ingredients individually offers endless possibilities for mixing different tastes and textures without sacrificing nutritional value. As a bonus, less food is vulnerable to spoilage and waste when prepared, cooked, and served to fit a baby's unique needs.

The meal preparation guidance found throughout this book centers on delicious, plant-based cooking that fills small bellies and big hearts. This healthy, delicious, and easy-to-digest infant dietary approach helps you create the perfect first foods for babies.


Having readily-prepared foods will help ensure healthy, delicious meals, even when life doesn't slow down. Moreover, the availability and flexibility of mixing flavors and textures throughout the introductory stage of solid foods will open the minds of young eaters and encourage the customary exploration and acceptance of food variations.

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