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3 - 4

(ages: 8 - 9 months)
As your baby transitions into the world of solid foods, they tend to accept new flavors and textures more freely. Capitalize on their curiosity by offering a larger variety of different flavors from meal to meal. By combining different textures, flavors and colors, you can maximize every bite.


If your baby is not interested in a particular food, that's OK! Simply continue offering the food in future meals along with a variety of new food combinations. Babies instinctually understand their own needs and should always self-regulate their feedings. Therefore, listen to your baby and follow their direction during feedings.

During this period in the solid food introduction phase, your baby may be ready to try more textured foods. If you feel your baby is ready, you can attempt to transition from pureed foods to mashed foods. Continue introducing single foods at a time, and allow three to four days before introducing another new food. Keep in mind that breast milk and/or formula will continue to be an essential element to your baby's nutrition and hydration during this time.
Below you will find sample meal plans to help guide your meal planning process during months three and four of  your food introductory process. These charts were designed to help families prepare healthy meals ahead of time. 
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