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(ages: 6 - 7 months)

Are you ready to offer your baby healthy foods and set the standard for healthy eating habits?


If you are, your baby should be showing signs of readiness to begin solid foods (see When & How page). Introducing solids foods for the first time is a stage that should be taken slowly and with ease. Always keep in mind that during this time, you will need to continue providing essential nutrition and hydration needed from breast milk and/or formula. Breast milk/formula will remain your baby's primary source of nutrition. At this stage of the introduction, solid foods are new, supplemental nourishment that your baby will use to explore new flavors and textures.

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As you introduce solids for the first time, offer foods that are thinly pureed, making it easy for your baby to eat and digest. There is no exact formula for how much solid food to offer your baby; you may want to start with a few tablespoons a day and increase food quantities as desired by your baby.

Below you will find sample meal plans to help guide your meal planning process during the first two months. These charts were designed to help families prepare healthy meals ahead of time. 


Get ready to cook and enjoy the voyage as you and your baby journey into the new and exciting chapter of solid foods!

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