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Before we begin, I'd like to congratulate you on your choice to cook for your baby! This is a big decision that will go a long way. Not only will your baby enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals, but you will feel the distinct and powerful satisfaction of cooking and caring for your baby on a higher level.


By now, are you feeling the jitters and butterflies swarming inside your belly?


Great! These feelings are a result of you entering the exciting milestone of solid food introduction with your baby! This new stage of life only comes once, so let's make it count!

-Plan -

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Starting solids is one of the most exciting milestones during your baby's first year. As they begin their journey into the world of solid foods, embrace this delicate time of exploration and learning. The nutrient-dense foods you provide for your baby will help support their fast-growing bodies and will empower their immune systems. During this influential period of taste development, your baby will be introduced to new flavors and textures that will help shape their eating habits for life.


Planning meals for your baby is the first step to success. This practice will maximize your time, save you money, and ensure that your baby has nutritious meals readily available.


After you gather the necessary kitchen tools, choose the desired foods you will serve your baby. In doing so, you will be developing potential baby food shopping lists. The sample meal plans and shopping lists detailed in this section provide ideas and guidance as you begin your baby food journey. You may choose to follow the examples provided for possible meal ideas, or incorporate your own unique food combinations while using the blank meal plan chart and shopping list found at the bottom of this page.


Consider introducing single foods at a single time and allow three to four days before introducing another new food. This safety gap will give you time to evaluate your baby's reactions and tolerance towards new foods. Foods marked with a " " symbol in the meal plan charts highlight new food introductions. Additionally, you may want to introduce new foods during breakfast or lunchtime so you have ample time during the day to observe your baby before nightfall. Pay close attention to feeding cues and allow your baby to set the pace.


Enjoy this new and incredible journey with your baby and cherish every spoon full!

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